Nadia Buari Foundation

Nadia Sidiku Buari – the archetype of young African female movie mogul, does not only play different roles in movies, but also has by her deep concern for people’s concerns played many unique roles in the lives of the hurting by helping put a smile on their faces.

Unlike other charities or support systems where a certain category of persons are captured under the charity’s scope of assistance, Nadia’s Foundation operates a unique “Open-Wide-System” where there is no stratification of need or the needy, but a common approach of love used to assist anyone in need. The actress despite her busy schedule still finds time to regularly visit orphanage homes to provide them with some of their necessities such as food, toiletries, clothing and oftentimes financial assistance.

With her dream to establishing this foundation having been born out of the devastating condition she on her usual ‘Need Tour’ with her sister, saw on the streets of Africa about street children and their most often teenage single mothers, the actress has since kept her focus of aid on these girls and their children. These girls who for poverty had abandoned education and had become porters on the markets slept in the open with their little children unprotected. And Nadia since seeing this unacceptable condition on the streets of Africa especially Ghana has never ceased to stretch a hand of love to these needy ones by continuously providing them with food and blankets in the interim.

Perhaps it could be said that the most moving contribution ever made by the movie star apart from her numerous and diverse support for many worthy courses was her prompt and apt gift of love to save an innocent child from brain tumour who according to the doctors had just some few days to live. For by paying for the cost of her surgery to help the little girl undergo her surgery, Nadia succeeded in saving the girl’s life from a preventable death condition. Seeing this little child in school today spurs the actress on to even do more for many unfortunate children like this innocent child, hence the establishment of NBF to cater to the needs of the needy in our societies.

Having served as an Ambassador for the International Children Games, Ghana {ICGG}, Nadia was deeply, but discreetly involved in helping raise funds to unearth talents, groom potentials and serve as a role model of the under-privileged children in Ghana.

The celeb, who is the face of Duvon – an internationally acclaimed luxurious soap spends most of her endorsement proceeds on charity. Recently after becoming the first celeb to be honored for her active involvement in the socio-economic lives of the poor, Nadia gave out all she received from this award back to society by purchasing much needed books and other learning materials for some rural schools in Ghana.


NBF aims the impossible, but thinks possibly on the following goals and objectives in the short term

  • Providing a maternity home for the village of Amansie in the eastern region part of Ghana – specifically for a retired midwife who has turned her home into a maternity center for the people in her village.
  • Providing the means of transportation (in this case a bus) to and from the home to the district capital to help in cases of emergency.
  • Providing beds, cots, sterilizers and other equipments necessary to run an efficient and effective home for safe delivery for all mothers in the Amansie community and beyond.
  • Providing the home with the services of a visiting doctor and at least one permanent nurse to enhance operations in the home.


  • It is the passion of NBF in the medium-short term to put up learning facility (in this case a school block) at Agbon No.1 in the eastern region of Ghana specifically on the Nsawam road to cater to the unacceptable means by which innocent children are made learn to under trees.
  • To mobilize funds under our BORN TO BE (BTB) program to support rural communities of Ghana in health, education and farming.
  • To provide books, classroom desks, school uniforms and needed stationeries for the rural schools in Ghana.
  • To establish a training institution to discover and develop up and coming talented young ones through information technology to know how to turn their talents into skills to enhance their standard of living.
  • To provide mentorship for the youth via our STAR TO START (STS) counselling program by achievers and stars for starters in life and business.